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“ A journey of thousand miles……begins with a single step….”

The Global Group was incorporated in April of Year 1999 with a vision to be established as an integrated service provider catering to the growing complexities of worldwide logistics systems.

To fulfill this dream we first established ourselves as a Complete Logistics Provider by associating with partners worldwide sharing the same objectives.

Shipping Agency representation was the next logical step the Group took, which further complemented the Logistics Arm.

Today the companies are well established in their areas of expertise and are providing Complete Logistics Solutions to the trade.

Success of any organization is solely dependent on its people and we are no exception. The strength of the companies is its team of well-experienced professionals who are young and energetic and are fully dedicated to satisfy the requisitions of its clientele in every field of transportation.

However, the Group continues to invest in human resources and information technology to keep abreast with the ever-changing needs and requirements of the transportation industry, thus ensuring that both its clientele and principals get the best of services.